2 thoughts on “Create a Diaspora* share button – wordpress.com

  1. Very interesting post you wrote here.

    I do not use WP.com and I am not very knowlegeable in how things work there, but I have a standalone blog running on WordPress and I use Diaspora pretty much these days, so I am interested in connecting these two services. I am developing a plugin that shares WP posts to Diaspora, and of course it is exciting to see other people working their way in the same direction.

    What you did is cool, of course, but let me point out a problem and a potential solution. The problem is that your button will share to one single pod. There is a solution to this problem — a layer between the blog and the pod. A page that can GET «url», «title», «notes» and other variables, ask the user to choose his/her favourite pod and forward the whole thing to that pod.

    I am not sure if you can create such API on WP.com, but you can set it separately. Or — even better — use other people’s work. For example, I stumbled upon sharetodiaspora.github.io. Instead of writing «joindiaspora.com/bookmarklet?url…» you write «sharetodiaspora.github.io/?url…». The user will see a nice window, click on his/her favourite pod and seemlessly be redirected there. That’s it!

    Best regards,

    P.S.: Too many links. WP will probably send my comment to spam…

    1. Hello @Vitalie Ciubotaru.

      Thanks for you comment. No your post didn’t went on Spam. WordPress.com has a very good Spam detector (as I can guess). Until now I had 4 Spam comments (real Spam) and only those went to Spam folder.

      As for the button it is not my work. It is just something like a hack (as you can understand) with wordpress.com buttons. I just shared a post I read (in GR language) on another blog (I don’t remember the link) when I was searching how to create a Diaspora share button in wordpress.com.
      As you probably know wordpress.com and wordpress.org are completely different. We can say that wordpress.com is a bit more restricted. For example look what you must do in order to create a simple donate button → http://en.support.wordpress.com/paypal/

      As for the pods, you have right, but as I am connected only to one pod, I don’t mind. But it would be better if more pods could be added.

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